Here is what you will need to Hunt Catalina:

  • Balance due for your hunt
  • Conservancy PLM Tags (approximately $80 each per deer which we have for you)
  • California Deer Tags to trade in for PLM tag (any zone or method of harvest is applicable to Catalina )
  • Valid Current Year California Hunting License
  • Durable hunt clothing for up to four days (weather can be hot to cold, but not freezing)
  • Sturdy, comfortable Hunting Boots, chaps for cactus if you’re the real careful type
  • Personal toiletry items
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Light rain gear
  • Daypack or light weight backpack
  • Ice chests for taking meat home (up to 100 quart max chests) two deer quartered will fit in one chest
  • Small dolly or cart for ice chests or ice chests with built in wheels (much easier to haul ice chests and gear)
  • Duct tape for ice chests
  • Any medicines you may need
  • Rifle caliber of .270 or larger recommended / NON- LEAD AMMO REQUIRED
  • Locking hard rifle case
  • 40 rounds of ammo (we will visit the range prior to insure accuracy, slight bumps in transit can negatively affect accuracy)
  • Sleeping bag and towel

If you do forget to bring something with you to the Island, there are a number of stores in Avalon that can usually provide what you may need.

Non-lead ammunition (copper) is required to hunt on Catalina Island – Please practice and site in prior to hunt at 100, 200, and 300 yards.

Wildlife West, Inc. and The Santa Catalina Island Conservancy are committed to conservation of all wildlife and adhere to a strict policy of using non-toxic ammunition on the island. The most common non-lead ammunition is copper which has proven to be very effective.

To ensure success, a clean humane kill, and to make sure the following morning is not spent tracking a wounded deer, it is imperative that a high power and 130 grain minimum (preferred 180 grain), non-toxic bullet is used. The minimum recommended caliber is a .270. Other popular calibers include 7mm, .300, and 30-06. Equally important is practicing to be accurate to 300 yards.

The islands steep rugged terrain and large canyons make tracking very difficult if an animal is injured and not killed. This can greatly reduce your hunting partner’s huntable hours. Hard hitting, accurate shots on vitals are the utmost goal.

Hunter Orange / Camouflage – Hunter orange is required to wear on the hunts with us.  Wildlife West will provide a blaze orange baseball cap for your hunt, but you may also wear additional orange camouflage if so inclined. The type and pattern of camouflage pattern is not of concern.