What is truly amazing about this island hunting paradise is the ease of travel to get there.  Unlike many out of state hunting destinations, Catalina Island is simply a 1 hour boat ride from Long Beach, CA.  This is the most common mode of getting to the island; however the island is also accessible by private boat, and by private plane up to the size of a King Air.

1)  Catalina Express Ferry

This is the most common way of getting to Catalina Island. Hunters traveling by ferry will travel with The Catalina Express from the Downtown Landing in Long Beach.   Although there is private ferry service from Newport Beach, Dana Point, and San Diego, we find that the Long Beach Catalina Express operator is familiar and more comfortable with guns, coolers and the hunting gear our hunters bring with them. Rifles must be stored in a lockable hard case and ice chests must be 60 quarts in size or less.  Stowing a collapsible hand dolly for your coolers is very helpful upon your return for loading heavy coolers full of meat.  When boarding, make sure you let an attendant know that you have a gun case(s) with you, and they will typically take care to store them in a safer area than the general luggage compartment.  Hunters should plan to depart from the Downtown Catalina Landing in Long Beach at 10:00 am with your arrival in Avalon about 11:00 am on your given start hunt day.  If you are going to depart the mainland from one of the other ports (San Pedro, Newport Beach, San Diego or Dana Point) please notify us so we can make the proper pick-up arrangements.

The reservation number for the Express Ferry is 1-800-481-3470


Your return time out of the Catalina port is usually 11:45 am (please double check) of the departing day.  It is the hunters’ responsibility to make these arrangements.  For the transportation of gear we recommend duffel bags or other easily ported luggage.  For game transport coolers, Catalina Express allows up to 100 quart size or less.  If they are larger than 120 quart the boat may not let them on.  Rifles must be transported in lockable hard cases, no exceptions.  For the courtesy of others, we strongly ask the arriving and departing hunters to refrain from wearing camouflage or other conspicuous hunting paraphernalia.

2)  Catalina “Airport in the Sky”

For those traveling to the island via private or small plane/helicopter air service, arrangements can be made for pick-up at the airport located in the middle of the Island or at the helicopter landing in Avalon.  If you plan to fly in, please schedule your arrival between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on the start of your 1st hunt day.



3)  Private Boat

If you are arriving by private boat please let us know and we will make arrangements to pick you up.  Mooring fees vary depending on the size of the vessel per night.  Once again we ask that hunters plan their arrival between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on the start of their hunt day and let us know their predicted time with a text when they leave from the mainland.