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“Deer hunting on Catalina with Wildlife West is a truly unique hunting experience. The mountainous terrain makes for some of the best stalking that a hunter could ask for. The guides know the terrain and can always find the mule deer. Our group’s been coming on from Boston for several seasons and it’s something we look forward to all year.”

Mike Skillman
Boston, MA


“I’ve known Ben Myhre for over 20 years now, and can’t think of a single hunt with him–and there have been dozens–where we didn’t score on game, and have a great, great hunt. Hunting with Myhre is, very simply, a pleasure. His expertise, attitude and wit combine in a hunting experience that just can’t be found with some guides, and his partner, Jim Settle, is just as enjoyable to hunt with.

My biggest California buck, and the second biggest, both came from guided trips with Myhre on Catalina Island, where we saw dozens of big bucks every day. But the enjoyment of the hunt didn’t stop at sundown: Accommodations, great meals and camaraderie are all part of their “business”, whether it’s hunting deer, wild pigs or turkeys. I can’t praise Wildlife West, Inc. enough in their overall operation, and the degree of satisfaction that hunters experience with them.”
Bill Karr
Editor, Western Outdoor News


SCI Phoenix Chapter member Charlie Kelly reports taking a mule deer with guide Ben Myhre of Wildlife West, Inc. Kelly took his trophy at 300 yards using a Remington 7mm Ultra Magnum with 140-grain bullets. Personal highlights for Kelly:
“It was very exciting to leave San Diego with our own boat and end up at Catalina Island to hunt deer. The scenery was spectacular and much more like desert than expected. Each morning, the landscape was shrouded in fog and the sunrise was awesome. We enjoyed seeing the large numbers of buffalo roaming the island. We saw several good bucks each day.”

“Ben has hunted the island for several years and knows the best areas very well. The amount of land available to hunt was actually very large. This is a chance to hunt and explore the beautiful island all on the same trip.”

“…Beachfront cottages were very comfortable and the food was outstanding. Meat and trophy care was also well above average.”

“The outfitter works closely with the Catalina Island Conservancy to control deer population on the island.”
Charlie Kelly


“Before I stepped on the island of Catalina for my Mule Deer hunt, I envisioned a small, fairly flat land area surrounded by water that would be fairly unchallenging to hunt. What I found was the best deer hunting experience of my life. The canyons were large, deep, and steep, with giant meadows and unique flora, with more land than you could ever hunt in an entire season. We never did see another guide or hunter the entire hunt.

The Muley’s were as smart and wily as they are in Idaho and Montana, which was unexpected, and they have thick antler formations, many with deep chocolate color like I’ve never seen. I took mine after pushing myself for 3 days straight in difficult terrain, which was my choice, as other people at camp were able to bag respectable animals in more forgiving topography. Overall one of the most unique hunting experiences I’ve ever had across all large game categories. My guide, the food, and the staff were incredible. I will be back next year for sure, and so will a few of my friends.”
Thomas Horton
2011 Trophy Hunt


“I’m 48 years old and I’ve hunted all my life. This is a really fun hunt and these guys know the island extremely well and will get you plenty of chances to take your deer. This is also a great father, son hunt for beginners or experienced hunters alike. I learn a lot from these guys each time I go back. Make it fun for the whole family and take an extra day or two to enjoy the town of Avalon and its extensive history and food.”
Mike Wells DDS
2011 Managed Hunt


“My father and I decided to go hunting on Catalina with WildLife West for Mule Deer. It was my first time hunting deer, but my father is an experienced hunter, so we were looking forward to the father-and-son adventure. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going out to Catalina to hunt anything, not to mention to hunt deer.

Once we boarded the Catalina ferry in Long Beach, the rest of the trip seemed to kind of take care of itself. We had a smooth ride over on the ferry and landed within an hour. The guides, Ben and Jim, were right there waiting for us and proceeded to grab all of our gear and load it into their 4-door 4X4’s. A short drive later we were at their very nice house and eating a home cooked lunch.
From there the trip was awesome. We had access to every nook and cranny of Catalina and saw some amazing scenery. My father has some mobility issues, due to bad knees, so we couldn’t hike into the canyons. The guides assured us that we’d be fine hunting without a lot of hiking. They were right. There are a lot of deer on the island and I got a buck and a doe on my first and second day. My father also made a great shot and landed a big buck.

The bottom line is that this is a first class trip. All meals are covered (hot, fresh home cooked dinner every night) and you’re in an amazing, secluded Pacific Island setting. Buffalo everywhere. It’s really kind of surreal. Amazing beauty and great hunting.I’m looking forward to my next trip out there.”
Steve Williams
2011 Hunt


“Being a life long Archery Hunter I was skeptical about even the thought of hunting with a rifle, but this hunt was challenging and I enjoyed it far more than most other guided hunts I have been on around the country. The Island scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the quality of the guiding is superb…they know the island and they took the time to personally structure my hunt so I could get the most challenge out of the experience. If there is one thing I learned is I can’t hike faster, steeper or smarter then Ben can with 120lbs of deer on his back!

I would recommend this hunt to anyone, as a matter of fact I already have. “
Kurt Dunteman


“I and my family have hunted with Ben for many years, we have never had a bad hunt, and I mean never. His teams expertise coupled with the friendly and well organized hunts make any event with Wildlife West the highlight of our year. I would never consider using anybody else to guide one of my families hunts.”

Michael Cole


“We had a mix of new and experienced hunters on our two day doe hunt with Wildlife West. Ben and Jim did a great job getting us on animals and making sure each of us had a great time. We all enjoyed the experience and camaraderie. When you find an outfit that is professional and experienced, who clearly know what they’re doing, you stick with them. We’ll be back.”
Tim Hovey