All hunt dates are confirmed with a 50% deposit, send to:
Wildlife West, Inc.
P.O. Box 282
Corning, CA  96021

Balance of payment due upon your arrival on the first day of your hunt.
The price of trips is subject to change between seasons, deposits of one year or  more prior does not guarantee that year’s price.

Cancellations are handled as follows:
6 months or farther out from start of trip, you will receive full refund of deposit less $100.00 for office fees.
After July 20, you will only receive a full refund if your reserved hunt date is able to be filled by the time of the hunt.

Exceptions may be made for personal or immediate family medical emergencies, or death.  Your full deposit may also be refunded in the event you provide a replacement booking at full value.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

LICENSE/TAG REQUIREMENTS (not included with Hunt Package Fees)

Processed well in advance of the hunt, hunters must bring with them and have in their possession:

  1. LICENSE:  A valid current year California Hunting License
  1. DEER TAGS:  Each hunter must be able to trade in one or two current year/season California deer tags (if you want to only harvest one deer you only need one trade in tag) (ANY ZONE OR HARVEST METHOD).  These tags must be unfilled and are to be purchased separately by the hunter well in advance of the hunt on Catalina Island.  When you arrive on the island, these California DFW State Tags will be traded in for the Catalina Conservancy Private land Management (PLM) Tags, which are approximately $80 each and are not included in the hunt package fees.  Once the California DFW tags are traded in for PLM tags, they are no longer good outside of Catalina Island, regardless of harvest success.

Current year license and tag fee information is listed here:

And can be purchased at an in store DFW merchant within California, or on-line:

Out of State Hunters:  There is a process via the California Fish and Wildlife in order to receive a big game Non-Resident California hunting license and tags.    You must have proof of a Hunting License or Hunters Safety Course Certification from your home State.  Specific requirements for the upcoming California big game non-resident license are listed mid-April prior to the hunting season on the DFW website under Hunter’s Digest, please read in detail:

After understanding the latest requirements listed for out of state licensees, processing can take place online through the DFG website according to the Hunter Digest specifics for that year above, or this can be done by an outlet in the State of California.  For assistance further assistance with this process please call the California DFW License Branch at:  (916) 928-5805

If you have any trouble or get hung up in the licensing process, please give us a call at Wildlife West.