The Catalina Island Conservancy has gone to great lengths to eliminate the feral goats and wild pigs that threatened much of the Island’s unique habitat with over browsing and erosion.  The Island Mule Deer have always been a milder, albeit non-native intrusion, but these animals can propagate substantially to the point of island flora or erosion risk.

It is on this premise that The Catalina Island Conservancy in conjunction with The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Private Land Management program, and Wildlife West, Inc. work to maintain a balance between the population of deer and the well being of Catalina Island.  Kept low-key and out-of-sight of most Catalina visitors, the deer hunting program keeps the deer population low enough as to protect the native growth of natural Catalina Island flora, as well as the deer herd itself.  Ben’s knowledge and bachelors degree in wildlife management helps make this a success.

Wildlife West is a ‘conservation first’ organization.  As we cover the far and rugged corners of vast Catalina Island, Wildlife West likes to go beyond assisting in controlling the Island Mule Deer population.  We take an pro-active and accountable roll in identifying, pinpointing, and reporting back any non-native flora or injured native fauna, pollution, or other issues that need to be addressed by the Conservancy in order to keep the Island in balance with Conservancy goals.

Wildlife West’s Mission is to work closely with the Conservancy to execute their goals while providing a service that is safe to human visitors and locals of Catalina.