For those new to Catalina Island, you will have an opportunity to enjoy this 48,000 acre plus Island preserve like few others.  The island consists of rolling, hilly terrain to very steep rugged peaks.  Foliage on the island includes everything from scrub oak canopies to dense chaparral like thickets.  Many forms of cactus are prevalent throughout the island.  Due to cactus, topography, and loose topsoil, hiking about the island can be quite challenging.  Hunters will also find the island also has an extensive road system.  Be assured your guide will gear your hunt to meet your physical abilities.  Typical weather for the hunt will be moderately warm days and cool nights.  Temperatures can fluctuate quickly due to ocean influences of fog and wind.  Rain is a possibility all through the hunting season.

INCLUDED WITH HUNTS:  All of our hunts include all meals, lodging, guide (two hunters with each guide, 3 per guide with doe hunts), field dressing, skinning, antler preparation and island transportation.

Extra Guests:   Each hunt has a maximum of six hunters, unless prior arrangements/payments are made for a group desiring to bring an extra hunter or two.  Non-hunting guests are not typical but can attend for a fee if space is available and meals/accommodations are pre-planned.  Additional individuals must be approved and added two weeks prior to hunt, minimum.

Meal Specifics:  Home cooked meals are a must when hunting with Wildlife West.  Hearty home cooked food is provided with all of our hunts.  Before you head out into the field each morning you will awake to a combination of bacon and eggs, pancakes and sausage, or French toast and ham, and most importantly hot coffee and orange juice.  A long day in the field will also require a good lunch to keep you going.  We will pack a cooler with the fixings to put together all of the sandwiches you can eat, along with an assortment of snacks and chips.  Each cooler will also be loaded with plenty of sodas and water.  Upon returning to the house in the evening, Ruth (Bens’ wife), will start you off with enough hors d’oeuvres to get you primed up for a meal consisting of tri-tip, ribs, baked ham or chicken, plus all the salad and sides you can eat.  She will also keep you topped off with some sort of decadent dessert after each dinner.  Most hunters will put on a few extra pounds on a Wildlife West hunt.  If you have particular dietary items you require during the hunt please bring them for the day snack cooler in the truck.   For medically influenced dietary needs, we will try to accommodate you the best we can so please send us an email on this.   Alcoholic beverages are not provided by Wildlife West, Inc., but you may bring them with you or purchase them on Catalina Island.

Meat/Antler/Hide Processing:

How your guide processes the animal once it hits the ground will be determined by how deep you are in the canyon, as well as your distance from the vehicle.  Once back to the truck your game will be taken to our walk-in cooler facilities at Middle-Ranch.  Once there, your game will be cleaned, quartered and hung in the cooler to be readied for your departure to the mainland.  We take the utmost care to get every piece of usable meat out of the field and into your cooler for you to enjoy throughout the year.   For buck antlers, you will be asked if you desire a shoulder mount or a European plaque mount and the guide will meticulously prepare the rack and head for your desired mount.   Each hunter needs to bring one or two coolers with them to the Island in order to take their deer meat home with them.   Two coolers are recommended because island mule deer can be good sized. Cooler size is limited to no larger than 60 quarts if you will be traveling to the Island on the Catalina Express.  If you are coming by private boat or on one of the other ferries, we would like the coolers to be no larger than 120 quarts.  It also makes it easier to bring a hand truck/dolly or “cooler with wheels” to get your gear and meat up and down the boat ramps.